About me

Your financial advisor in Hamburg - also in German or Chinese

"Because every person has their own individual expectations and goals, my focus is to delivere personal and tailor-made advice to my customers. "

Dieses Bild zeigt Dehua Chen, er ist Finanzberater in Hamburg und Finanzcoach in Berlin. Er bietet professionelle Finanzberatung auf deutsch, englisch und chinesisch in Hamburg/Berlin an.

Dehua Chen
Financial Advisor, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

since mid-2017
Full time financial coach at tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG, Hamburg

Sales & Management, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Euro FH, Hamburg

2013 to 2016
Key Account Manager for a medium-sized distributor for electronic goods from Far East, Hamburg

Financial investment expert certified by the IHK Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

Insurance specialist certified by the IHK Chamber of Commerce Hamburg

Training as an insurance specialist and investment specialist at tecis Finanzdienstleistungen AG with focus on customer acquisition

Make an appointment today and receive your individual advise. I also offer appontments you in German and Chinese.


My Story

Every person is unique, so here is my personal story. I'm looking forward to also learn yours! !

I am Dehua Chen and grew up with the German and Chinese culture. I am 26 years old and fortunate enough to have a wonderful wife by my side who supports me every day. .

The great wish of my parents for me was to study medicine after school at the age of 18 and then to take up a secure job as an employee. For me it was important to be independent of my parents as soon as possible. Because for me nothing was worse than asking my parents for money. Due to the wish of my parents, I completed an internship in the medical trade in Shanghai, before I should study. But I quickly realized that medical school was not for me.

It was then that I met a millionaire, who really impressed me. Not only was he very socially competent, he also sponsored many charitable projects. In addition, I noticed that he only worked one day a week and the rest of the time he was busy spending time with his children. I found it so impressive at that time that I asked him how he came to his wealth. He told me that he started at a network marketing finance company and it went so well that he was able to keep investing in new projects. He is now the largest private shareholder of GrandVision, the world leader in eyewear (including Apollo Optik, for example). From him I got a book recommendation which influenced my life from then on decisively: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I devoured this book and completely changed my life from that point on.

When I finished my studies, I had the desire again to go back to being a full time financial advisor and financial coach, as this is absolutely my dream job. Helping people and showing them how to become financially independent. I wanted to open people's eyes in financial terms and make them accessible to the topic of finance. My biggest motivation is for my clients to come to me after the consultation and say that the financial plan we created together works incredibly well and that they now can achieve their wishes and goals in the near future.

In the past few years I have been able to built up a good stream of passive income for myself, e.g. through my small business, two real estate projects and my car which I am leasing out.

I would be very happy to show you how to become financially independent in the long run.


My Big Five for Live

My Purpose of Existence & My Big Five for Life
ZDE: To experience everything I want in life,
and showing my grandchildren how I lived.

My Big Five for Life:

W - World traveling - building a network of different people
E - Success - rhelp people to become financially independent.
I - Inspiration, to be an inspiration for others - hapiness has to be shared and to start social children's projects. "
S - Superman - for my future children, wife, friends and family.
E - Development- learn every day to improve my top skills and lead top people.

These are all goals that I want to achieve in the future. Unfortunately won't be to do this by myself and absolutely need your help. If you or someone you know can help me to fulfill my Big Five, please contact me at dehua.chen@finanzberatung-hohenfelde.de Thank you. "


My Prices

Always free: Get-to-Know appointment, 90 minutes
- Is the chemistry right, do we fit together?
- So that you know in advance, which costs will occour, these will be discussed in advance during the Get-to-Know appointment.
- Your wishes and goals will be recorded
- Your Financial Statement

Always free: Conceptual concept
- Your holistic and individual concept will be presented to you
- Advantages and disadvantages of the respective products will be explained
- Full transparency, the costs of the products will be explained to you verbally and in writing

An initial consultation and concept creation is absolutely free for you and non-bindingly. Only with the conclusion of a contract for a product costs arise, which will already be contained in the products themselve. These costs will be explained to you twice in advance, orally and in writing.

Your benefit is that I work as a consultant and coach free of charge and only if you decide on a product costs will occur. This form of payment is the fairest payment for you.

My advantage is that I can get an accurate picture of you and then decide whether I want to accompany in the long-run or not. Because a long-term win / win situation is important to me..